The kiosk interface rests on a simple navigation system, and responsive touch screen based interaction. We feel it’s the perfect replacement for the traditional static wall directories.

The primary functions of the kiosk are comprehensive directory, way finding maps and printable maps/instructions. The kiosks also provided pertinent information specific to their location. As a way of greeting those who entered the care facilities, a motion triggered “welcome” and instruction video plays.

Aside from the strictly functional, the kiosk housing was built to exact specifications and completely custom. There was built-in housing for the touchscreen tv, and other hardware, including a sound system and motion sensors. The “look” of the kiosk incorporates the classic IHC brand, but with a fresh, technological appearance. We included accent lighting and LED backlit areas to help set it apart from its surroundings.


We have had the privilege of working with Intermountain Healthcare for several years now. Although our assignments have varied, our commitment to providing great design, and to helping preserve their established brand, has not. In this case, we were asked to design a friendly, and intuitive, welcome kiosk and its corresponding interface. A fully functional interface was design and built from the ground up. We took into consideration all of the needs of those who would be using, and also maintaining, the kiosk. From large, easy to navigate, buttons and lists, to industry standard handicap regulations.